Editorial Review:  Rocket Science by Emily Mayer

Editorial Review:  Rocket Science by Emily Mayer

A fun and bubbly story following Lennon on her mission to get the guy and launch some rockets - but with a multi-million-dollar problem and lifelong social awkwardness standing in her way it won’t be an easy task.

Juggling life, work, and love shouldn’t be too hard – it’s not exactly rocket science. Except, of course, for when it is rocket science. For junk food-loving Lennon, an aerospace engineer living her dream job at Spatium, life can’t get much more complicated. The love of her life, man of her dreams, Theo is with someone else – worse than that he’s with someone Lennon introduced him to!

After being secretly in love with her co-worker for two long years, Lennon finds herself getting set up with the hottest new bachelor in town – Sebastian Kincaid. Soccer’s bad boy, fresh off the plane from Manchester United, this British dreamboat is exactly not what Lennon had in mind. She was envisioning someone more like Patrick, sweet and smart – a nerd like her! However, Lennon finds her mind drifting into NSFW thoughts about Sebastian more often and more vividly than she would like.

Accompanying Lennon along this journey of self-discovery the reader finds that Lennon is the exact type of friend everyone wants. She is smart, and funny in her own way, and unapologetically enthusiastic about her interests no matter how nerdy they are. In addition, she is genuinely kind and considerate of her friends, which is good because without them she would be tucked up on the couch every night with Jason the takeout delivery guy her only contact with the outside world.

While Lennon is a fantastic character and Sebastian undeniably attractive and funny, the rest of the cast are what makes this book so enjoyable. Interacting with the main character in ways that advance the plot without that being their singular and shallow purpose. Throughout the story it feels as if any of these characters could have their own story line detailed in a sequel.

Rocket Science is by no means a complicated book, but it would make a perfect companion on a long journey or on the beach. The writing is clean and engaging, a real slow-burn romance with humanity on every page. Mayer has succeeded in putting together an honestly nice story.

A laugh out loud romantic comedy, with intelligent banter and some adorable characters that you want to cuddle – even Boomerang the gremlin cat. 

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