Francis Ellingwood Abbot

Francis Ellingwood Abbot (Frank Abbot, F. E. Abbot)

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Francis Ellingwood Abbot (Francis Ellingwood Abbot, Frank Abbot, F. E. Abbot)
Kenneth Eade - Award-winning Terrorism Thrillers
FEATURED AUTHOR - Described by critics as "one of our strongest thriller writers on the scene," author Kenneth Eade, best known for his legal and political thrillers, practiced International law, Intellectual Property law and E-Commerce law for 30 years before publishing his first novel, "An Involuntary Spy." Eade, an award-winning, best-selling Top 100 thriller author, has been described by his peers as "one of the up-and-coming legal thriller writers of this generation." He is the 2015 winner of Best Legal… Read more