Sergei Aleksandrovich Rachinskii

Sergei Aleksandrovich Rachinskii (Sergej Aleksandrovich Rachinskij, Сергей Александрович Рачинский)

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Sergei Aleksandrovich Rachinskii (Sergei Aleksandrovich Rachinskii, Sergej Aleksandrovich Rachinskij, Сергей Александрович Рачинский)

Books by Sergei Aleksandrovich Rachinskii

Jennifer Blackstream - Exciting New Urban Fantasy
FEATURED AUTHOR - USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Blackstream calls herself…odd. Putting aside the fact that she writes her own author bio in third person, she also sleeps with a stuffed My Little Pony that her grandmother bought her as a joke for her 23rd birthday, and she enjoys listening to Fraggle Rock soundtracks whether or not her children are in the car. As our Author of the Day, Blackstream tells us all about her book, Deadline. Please give us a short introduction to what Deadline is about. When… Read more