Catherine Parr Traill

Catherine Parr Traill (Catharine Parr Strickland Traill, Mrs. Traill)

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Catherine Parr Traill (Catharine Parr Strickland Traill, Catherine Parr Traill, Mrs. Traill)
Sister to Susanna Moodie.
Kathrin Hutson - Messed-up heroes, Excruciating circumstances, and Happily Never Afters
FEATURED AUTHOR - International Bestselling Author Kathrin Hutson has been writing Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and LGBTQ Speculative Fiction since 2000. With her wildly messed-up heroes, excruciating circumstances, impossible decisions, and Happily Never Afters, she’s a firm believer in piling on the intense action, showing a little character skin, and never skimping on violent means to bloody ends.