by Bruce Richardson
Much Sound and Little Sense
by W. S. Gilbert
Ein Bringmichraus für Schul und Haus
by Joseph Frick
by Emerson Hough
000 Tons of Gold
by Henry Richardson Chamberlain
A Detective Story
by Anna Katharine Green
by Maurice LeBlanc
Arsène Lupinin merkilliset seikkailut
by Maurice LeBlanc
D. 2000
by Alvarado Mortimer Fuller
V. Laider
by Sir Beerbohm Max
von Menzel
by Hermann Knackfuß
van Dyck
by Hermann Knackfuss
Letters of Katherine Shortall
by Katherine Shortall
by Paul Bourget
T. Allen Diaz - Cyberpunk Noir
FEATURED AUTHOR - T. Allen Diaz is an indie writer and (soon to be retired) firefighter in the Tampa Bay area. He is the author of several series including the Proceena Trilogy, The Lunatic City Series, and the flintlock fantasy War of the Gods. Writing and firefighting take up most of his time, but he treasures every moment he can with his family by the pool and walking the lake. As our Author of the Day, he tells us all about his book, Lunatic City.