The Story of a Bad Boy

The Story of a Bad Boy


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The Story of a Bad Boy by Thomas Bailey Aldrich







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The Story of a Bad Boy


(1 Review)

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a while by watching the trouble they had in keeping the men in the proper places. just at the most exciting point of the game, the ship would careen, and down would go the white checkers pell-mell among the black. Then my father laughed, but Captain Truck would grow very angry, and vow that he would have won the game in a move or two more, if the confounded old chicken-coop-that's what he called the ship-hadn't lurched.

"I-I think I will go to bed now, please," I said, laying my band on my father's knee, and feeling exceedingly queer.

It was high time, for the Typhoon was plunging about in the most alarming fashion. I was speedily tucked away in the upper berth, where I felt a trifle more easy at first. My clothes were placed on a narrow shelf at my feet, and it was a great comfort to me to know that my pistol was so handy, for I made no doubt we should fall in with Pirates before many hours. This is the last thing I remember with any distinctness. At midnight, as I was afterwards told, we were

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This is a very engaging semi-autobiographical story of a boy being sent from his parents\' home in New Orleans to live with his grandfather in the \"Yankee\" town of Rivermouth. He deals with many of the normal trials of establishing friendships and dealing with foes. Aldrich describes many mundane surroundings and happenings with a keen talent for entertainment. The boyhood capers and triumphs will have you at minimum chuckling out loud. The tragedies will ring true with anyone who has suffered loss at an early age.

I first read this book almost 40 years ago. It was part of my 7th grade curriculum in a correspondence course from Calvert School in Baltimore. I still have that copy and revisit it about once a decade and it ages well. I have loaned the book to several friends and they were all enchanted with it.

I grew up with three brothers and if you thing that chapters such as those dealing with the old town battery are a stretch, I can assure you that such behavior is well within the range of mischief in which a group of fun-loving boys can engage.
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