Life at High Tide

Life at High Tide
Harper's Novelettes
(1 Review)
Life at High Tide by Unknown





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Life at High Tide
Harper's Novelettes
(1 Review)
The Immediate Jewel ... Margaret Deland"And Angels Came" ... Anne O'HaganKeepers of a Charge ... Grace Ellery ChanningA Working Basis ... Abby Meguire RoachThe Glass Door ... Mary Tracy EarleElizabeth and Davie ... Muriel Campbell DyarBarney Doon, Braggart ... Philip Verrill MighelsThe Reparation ... Emery PottleThe Yearly Tribute ... Rosina Hubley EmmetA Matter Of Rivalry ... Octave ThanetEdited by William Dean Howells and Henry Mills Alden

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ayn't be wealthy, but I got a good name. Course it wouldn't do to take Nat; but my! ain't it a poor planet where you can't do a kind act?"


Nathaniel May sat in his darkness, brooding over his machine. Since it had been definitely arranged that he was to go to the Poor Farm, he did not care how soon he went; there was no need, he told Dyer, to keep him for the few days which had been promised.

"I had thought," he said, patiently, "that some one would take me in and help me finish my machine--for the certain profit that I could promise them. But nobody seems to believe in me," he ended.

"Oh, folks believe in you, all right, Mr. May," Dyer told him; "but they don't believe in your machine. See?"

Nathaniel's face darkened. "Blind--blind!" he said.

"How did it come on you?" Dyer asked, sympathetically.

"I was not speaking of myself," Nathaniel told him, hopelessly.

There was really no doubt that the poor, gentle mind had staggered under the weight of hope;

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Each of the short stories in this collection deals with a critical moment in a person's life, a turning point or "high tide" that changes things. I liked some stories better than others. It's a quick read for those who don't have the time to read a full-length novel.