The Second Honeymoon

The Second Honeymoon


(1 Review)
The Second Honeymoon by Ruby M. Ayres







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The Second Honeymoon


(1 Review)
In this story the author has produced a book which no one who has loved or hopes to love can afford to miss. The story fairly leaps from climax to climax.

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he stood trying to avoid the human ones. With sudden exasperation she turned.

"Jimmy, you'll hate me--you'll--oh, why didn't you get my letter?" she broke out vehemently. "I explained so carefully, I----" she stopped.

There was a little silence. Challoner rose to his feet. He was rather white about the lips. There was a dawning apprehension in his eyes.

"Go on," he said. "What is it you--you can't--can't tell me?"

But he knew already, knew before she told him with desperate candour.

"I can't marry you, Jimmy, I'm sorry, but--but I can't--that's all."

The silence fell again. Behind the closed door in the crowded theatre the orchestra suddenly broke into a ragtime. Challoner found himself listening to it dully. Everything felt horribly unreal. It almost seemed like a scene in a play--this hot, crowded room; the figure of the woman opposite in her expensive stage gown, and--himself!

A long glass on the wall opposite reflected both their figures. Jimmy Challoner me

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Jimmy gets jilted by his fiancee the actress Cynthia because he's not rich enough for her. After a few days she decides that she wants him back. There's just one small problem, he's engaged to childhood sweetheart Christine. He ends up marrying Christine but she finds out about Cynthia (on her wedding day, harsh) and leaves him. Then she starts flirting with another man to feel good about herself (self esteem problem) and Jimmy (who by this time has decided that he loves her) is jealous. They end up **SPOILER ALERT** making up in the end, very predictably. The characters don't seem to know their own minds and I personally didn't find myself rooting for them. They seemed like just a couple of spoiled children. This is getting a bit long so I'll wrap it up by saying that it's just a rather predictable way to wile a couple hours away.
E. J. Dawson - Romantic Suspense With a Touch of Darkness
FEATURED AUTHOR - Ejay writes scifi, fantasy, and horror, with a dash of the paranormal. Behind the Veil is her first book with Literary Wanderlust, a romantic suspense with a touch of darkness. She also has a fantasy NA with Literary, Echo of the Evercry, and two self-published series, Queen of Spades, and the Last Prophecy Series. As our Author of the Day, she tells us all about Behind the Veil.