Sound of Terror

Sound of Terror


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Sound of Terror by Don Berry







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Sound of Terror


(1 Review)
What is more frightening than the fear of the unknown? Johnny found out!

Book Excerpt

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"... 100,000...." The sky was glistening black, he was passing from the earth's envelope of air into the nothingness that was space. Now.


Now it was time to change angle, flatten the ship out, bring it into position to run around the earth. Once around lightly.

There was a high-pitched scream in his earphones. He remembered it had been there for long, and wondered if he had told Control.

He flicked the switch that ignited the powerful steering rockets, and the whine grew louder, unbearably loud. It sang to him, his bitch sang, I had a true wife, but I left her ... oh, oh, oh.

He began to feel a light tingle over his body, tiny needles delicately jabbing every inch. His face became wooden, felt prickly. He tried to lick his lips and could feel no sensation there. His vision fogged again, and he knew it was not from acceleration this time, it was something else.

Something else.

What's it like out there?

His bell

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