Inside the Lines

Inside the Lines


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Inside the Lines by Robert Welles Ritchie, Earl Derr Biggers







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Inside the Lines


(4 Reviews)
The story deals with an intrigue to blow up the English squadron at Gibraltar by gaining access to the room where the electrical contact with the harbor mines is made, and on this background Mr. Biggers paints a picture of the scenes following the outbreak of the war which is full of interest.

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d"--expressive Americanism, that,--under any handicap. She was a woman with a "job"; Captain Woodhouse had never before met one such.

Again, here was a woman who tried none of the stale arts and tricks of coquetry; no eyebrow strategy or maidenly simpering about Jane Gerson. Once sure Woodhouse was what she took him to be, a gentleman, the girl had established a frank basis of comradeship that took no reckoning of the age-old conventions of sex allure and sex defense. The unconventionality of their meeting weighed nothing with her. Equally there was not a hint of sophistication on the girl's part.

So the afternoon sped, and when the sun dropped over the maze of spires and chimney pots that was Paris, each felt regret at parting.

"To Egypt, yes," Woodhouse ruefully admitted. "A dreary deadly 'place in the sun' for me. To have met you, Miss Gerson; it has been delightful, quite."

"I hope," the girl said, as Woodhouse handed her into a taxi, "I hope that if that war comes it will find


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(1915) Espionage / Romance / Thriller

Founded on Earl Derr Biggers' Play of the Same Name

R: *****

Plot bullets

An English military man and an American girl meet for the first, but not last time.
The man is to be posted as a Signalman at Gibraltar (the famous rock limestone promontory at the southern tip of Spain).
Gibraltar (in English hands) commanded the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea and was of great military significance.
The ports around Gibraltar were heavily mined against foreign invasion. But, a foreign power could turn the situation to advantage, if they had a man Inside the Lines of the fortification.
One man could destroy a fleet of ships if he could gain access to the control room.
The man an girl are united again and the fate of Gibraltar hangs in the balance

Very good spy story with believable details of Gibraltar in 1914. Not as clichéd as many such books of the period and the plot is exciting. It's a real page turner.
An entertaining read. Although it is an espionage story - it really is fairly lighthearted (have you ever heard a spy described as a "bounder"?).