Three More John Silence Stories

Three More John Silence Stories


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Three More John Silence Stories by Algernon Blackwood





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Three More John Silence Stories


(1 Review)
Secret WorshipThe Camp of the DogA Victim of Higher Space

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e stranger, indeed, made a vivid impression upon him, for it was a face, he now noticed for the first time, in whose presence one would not willingly have said or done anything unworthy. Harris could not explain to himself how it was he had not become conscious sooner of its presence.

But he could have bitten off his tongue for having so far forgotten himself. The little priest lapsed into silence. Only once he said, looking up and speaking in a low voice that was not intended to be overheard, but that evidently was overheard, "You will find it different." Presently he rose and left the table with a polite bow that included both the others.

And, after him, from the far end rose also the figure in the tweed suit, leaving Harris by himself.

He sat on for a bit in the darkening room, sipping his coffee and smoking his fifteen-pfennig cigar, till the girl came in to light the oil lamps. He felt vexed with himself for his lapse from good manners, yet hardly able to account for it. Mos

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This is the second anthology of Algernon Blackwood's John Silence stories (the first also available at ManyBooks) and it continues the adventures of the world's first psychic doctor.

Secret Worship deals with a man returning to his hometown in Germany to discover that reality is not exactly as he remembered it.

The Camp of the Dog is the best of the trilogy as Blackwood shines whenever he gets to set his stories in a natural setting. An avid outdoorsman, his love of nature and the weird shines through in this rather unusual romance.

A Victim of Higher Space is the last of the series and more of an apologia of Secret's psychic world view than a story as he explains the physics behind his occult paradigm. As to how much Blackwood actually believed in what he wrote is open to conjecture.

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