The Best Ghost Stories

The Best Ghost Stories
(8 Reviews)
The Best Ghost Stories by Unknown







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The Best Ghost Stories
(8 Reviews)
Introduction by Arthur B. ReeveThe Apparition of Mrs. VealCanon Alberic's Scrap-BookThe Haunted and the HauntersThe Silent WomanBansheesThe Man Who Went Too FarThe Woman's Ghost StoryThe Phantom RickshawThe Rival GhostsThe Damned ThingThe IntervalDey Ain't No GhostsSome Real American Ghosts

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ould often say, Mrs. Bargrave, you are not only the best, but the only friend I have in the world, and no circumstances of life shall ever dissolve my friendship. They would often condole each other's adverse fortunes, and read together Drelincourt upon Death, and other good books; and so, like two Christian friends, they comforted each other under their sorrow.

Some time after, Mr. Veal's friends got him a place in the custom-house at Dover, which occasioned Mrs. Veal, by little and little, to fall off from her intimacy with Mrs. Bargrave, though there was never any such thing as a quarrel; but an indifferency came on by degrees, till at last Mrs. Bargrave had not seen her in two years and a half; though above a twelvemonth of the time Mrs. Bargrave hath been absent from Dover, and this last half year has been in Canterbury about two months of the time, dwelling in a house of her own.

In this house, on the 8th of September, 1705, she was sitting alone in the forenoon, thinking over her unfortun


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(1919)Ghost / Horror Stories

R: *****

Plot bullets

The Apparition of Mrs. Veal - Daniel De Foe

o A conversation with the dead, that did not appear to be so.

Canon Alberic\'s Scrap-Book - Montague Rhodes James

o An ancient book with sinister pages and pictures.

o One man must have it for his collection.

o What else will he get?

The Haunted and the Haunters - Edward Bulwer-Lytton

o An evil house with a curse on those who dwell in it.

o Secret rooms and mystic relics.

The Silent Woman - Leopold Kompert

o A woman pays penance, one of silence, for a tragic mistake.


o Some notable banshee tales.

The Man Who Went Too Far - E.F. Benson

o A man finds how to really enjoy life.

o He becomes young again.

o He hears the music. Will it be his death.

The Woman\'s Ghost Story - Algernon Blackwood

o A woman tells her ghost story.

o A man investigates a haunted house.

o A ghost asks him for understanding and sympathy.

The Phantom Rickshaw - Rudyard Kipling

o A man\'s former lover dies.

o He had forsaken her for another before that parting.

o The former lover\'s ghost rides the streets of India in a ghostly Rigshaw,

o What does she want?

The Rival Ghosts - Brander Matthews
By Brander Matthews

o A man of Scotish ancestiry lives in a house in America.

o His house is haunted.

o He inherits his Scotish family ghost and brings it to America.

o Two rival ghosts cannot live in the same house.

o Or, can they.

The Damned Thing - Ambrose Bierce

o A man is stalked by what he calls \'the Damn Thing\'.

o A frend wants to help.

o There is no help.

The Interval - Vincent O\'Sullivan

o A woman wants contact with her dead husband.

o Clear your mind and you will see.

o Life is an interval.

Dey Ain\'t No Ghosts - Ellis Parker Butler

o A small boy believes in ghost.

o But, \'there ain\'t no ghost\'.

o They even told him so.

Some Real American Ghosts

o Several ghost stories from the American Press.

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