The Planet Savers

The Planet Savers


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The Planet Savers by Marion Zimmer Bradley







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The Planet Savers


(5 Reviews)
"One body, two minds--and a world in the balance!"Marion Zimmer Bradley has written some of the finest science fiction in print. She has been away from our pages too long. So this story is in the nature of a triumphant return. It could well be her best to date.

Book Excerpt

m to try and take a light plane over those crosswinds. I survived the crash by the merest chance, and lived with the trailmen--so I'm told--until I was thirteen or fourteen. I don't remember much about it. Children aren't particularly observant."

Forth leaned over the desk, staring. "You speak their language, don't you?"

"I used to. I might remember it under hypnosis, I suppose. Why? Do you want me to translate something?"

"Not exactly. We were thinking of sending you on an expedition to the trailmen themselves."

(In the darkened office, watching Jay's startled face, I thought; God, what an adventure! I wonder--I wonder if they want me to go with him?)

Forth was explaining: "It would be a difficult trek. You know what the Hellers are like. Still, you used to climb mountains, as a hobby, before you went into Medical--"

"I outgrew the childishness of hobbies many years ago, sir," Jay said stiffly.

"We'd get you the best guides we could, Terran and Darkovan. But t


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Boring. Extremely boring. I can't describe how boring.

This is not even a sci-fi story - the author just chose to make the setting a different planet. The tale could have taken place anywhere and at any time.

The only thing that happens in this story is that a guy leads a team up a mountain to make a deal with a certain tribe to help them solve a medical problem. That's it! Nothing else happens. I can't believe it's even possible to waste so much writing space on such a non event.
(1958) Sci-fi (Other world customs ) / Adventure

From 'Amazing Stories' November, 1958.

R: ***

Plot bullets

Every 48 years a plague affects this planet.
What is a plague to one tribe of inhabitants is only a mild childhood disease to another.
The two tribes have only a shaky truce between them.
The disease cycle, must be cut.
A man has lived in both tribes and sets out with others to solve the problem.

Sophisticated, excellent novella-length story set on Darkover. A good example of the best kind of SF writing, where the story is about the characters and the setting is seamlessly integrated into it. Manages to pack in challenges that are psychological, physical and scientific. Does not feel dated at all.