Lords of the Stratosphere

Lords of the Stratosphere


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Lords of the Stratosphere by Arthur J. Burks





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Lords of the Stratosphere


(1 Review)
High into air are the great New York buildings lifted by a ray whose source no telescope can find.

Book Excerpt

nd decided to send carefully worded cables to all four.

In a few hours he received answers to them:

From Japan: "Sitsumi does not care to communicate." There was a world of cold hostility in the words, Jeter thought, and Eyer agreed with him.

From China came the strangest message of all:

"Wang, Liao and Yung have been cut off from world for past four months, conducting confidential research in Gobi laboratories. Impossible to communicate because area in which laboratories situated in Japanese hands and surrounded by cordon of guards."

Jeter and Eyer stared at each other when the cable had been read and digested.

"Queer, isn't it?" said Eyer.

Jeter didn't answer. That preoccupied expression was on his face, that distant look which no man could erase from his face by any interruption until Jeter had finished his train of thought.

"Queer," thought Jeter, "that Sitsumi should be so snooty and the three Chinese totally unavailable."

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A Flash Gordon/Buck Rodgers type of story, with the science you would expect of the time.
Two heroic scientists are about to attempt to fly their new plane as high as 90,000 feet to set a new record, but a friend of theirs takes off first after giving them an ominous warning. At the same time, strange rays with no origin are stealing men and cattle. As the rays shift to New York City and begin lifting and dropping buildings and bridges, the frozen body of their friend lands by parachute on their roof. Yes, their roof.
All they can do is give the plans of their superplane to the government, and take off to find the source of the mysterious ray from nowhere. Is it space aliens? or something more sinister?
Cardboard characters, a hokey plot, and wonders galore.