A Story of Dust and Ashes


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Mad by George Manville Fenn





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A Story of Dust and Ashes


(1 Review)

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s arm and the other upon his breast, her lip quivering as she spoke,--"hush! you are angry.--Don't say any more, Septimus."

"No," replied Septimus sternly, "I have done."

"No, no, no! you have not," roared the old man, firing up again. "You have to beg my pardon, and tell me that this folly is at an end."

"I'll beg your pardon, father," said Septimus sternly, "and I do ask it for anything I have done amiss; but I have pledged my word to the woman I have loved these ten years." And again there was the look of proud elation on Septimus Hardon's countenance.

"And you are going to London, eh?" said Octavius.

"To London," said Septimus calmly.

The old man frowned, pressed his lips tightly together, and, holding Agnes firmly by her shoulder, he stood pointing with one hand towards the door.

"Then go!" he said; "go--go!"

"O, Septimus!" cried Agnes in appealing tones,--"uncle!"

"You're mad, Septimus Hardon," said the old man coldly. "Mad--stark m

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(1886) Fiction/literature

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Mad? One indeed is institutionalized, but there are other kinds of madness. .
Dust and Ashes? The dust and ashes of environment and lives.
The story of a man, turned out by his father, for going against his wishes.
An Uncle who keeps him from his inheritance.
The dust and ashes of poverty, of missed opportunity and death.
Balance that with the clean pure love of family and the solid help of a good friend.
Mix in a love story and of course, the ever consistent negative weave of a nemesis.

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