Stamped Caution

Stamped Caution


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Stamped Caution by Raymond Z. Gallun





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Stamped Caution


(3 Reviews)
It's a funny thing, but most monsters seem to be of the opinion that it's men who are the monsters. You know, they have a point.

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ed several skins, thrived and grew active. Its size increased steadily. And other things began to grow in that cage. Odd, hard-shelled, bluish-green weeds; lichenous patches, dry as dust; invisible, un-Earthly bacteria--all were harmless, possibly even beneficial, to my charge.

How did all this stuff come into being? Miller and Craig had examined the dried clay of the E.T.L.'s discarded casing with microscopes. They scraped dust from every fragment of the wreck that hadn't been blasted too much with fire, and made cultures. They were looking for spores and seeds and microbes. And it wasn't long before they had classified quite a list of other-world biological forms. The most common of these they transplanted into the cage.

Often I even slept inside the cage, clad in my armor. That's devotion to a purpose for you. In a way, it was like living on a little piece of Mars. Often enough I was bored stiff.

But plenty did happen. From the start Etl--we began calling the thing that--showed an almo


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(1953) Sci-fi (Alien encounter)

From \\\'Galaxy Science Fiction\\\' August 1953.

R: *****

Plot bullets

An alien spaceship crashes on Earth.
Something like an egg, turns out to be just that.
Several years later, it is time to take the alien back to his planet, Mars.
What scenario will unfold?

An alien space ship crashes and is destroyed (mostly) in Missouri. From the wreck Army scientists deduce it came from Mars, and they manage to find and raise a Martian egg.

The Army mounts expeditions to the Moon, then Mars, where stuff happens.

Much of the story is logical and realistic, except for one thing: the whole project is run with such prudence and thoughtfulness that it's impossible to believe the military is involved.

I liked the story.
In this story, men take their turn at captivity on an alien planet after having raised an alien in captivity on Earth. It starts promising but mostly falters.