The Penal Cluster

The Penal Cluster


(3 Reviews)
The Penal Cluster by Randall Garrett





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The Penal Cluster


(3 Reviews)
Tomorrow's technocracy will produce more and more things for better living. It will produce other things, also; among them, criminals too despicable to live on this earth. Too abominable to breathe our free air. (Written using the pseudonym "Ivar Jorgensen".)

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ties or early thirties, Houston guessed. Blond-red hair, blue eyes. All-in-all, a very pleasant, but ordinary sort of man.

There had been evidence that a Controller had been at work in London for some weeks now. Twelve days before, several men, following an impulse, had mailed twenty pounds to a "Richard Hempstead," General Delivery, Waterloo Station. By the time the matter had come to the authorities' attention, the envelopes had been called for and the Controller had escaped.

Robert Harris was not the first Controller to be captured, nor, Houston knew, would he be the last. The first one had shown up more than sixteen years before, in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Houston grinned as he thought of it. Projective telepathy had only been a crackpot's idea back then. In spite of the work of many intelligent, sane men, who had shown that mental powers above and beyond the ordinary did exist, the average man simply laughed off such nonsense. It was mysticism; it was magic; it was foolish superstition.

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What an incredibly amateurish piece of literature. The characters, the plot, the writing - just everything seems rather haphazardly thrown together.
The next phase of human evolution seems to be psi powers, as more and more telepaths are born. But there are some problems. Some telepaths dominate normal people to gain money and power. Normal people hate and fear telepaths, and kill them when they catch them.
The UN steps in and creates a police force to find and banish telepaths to the Earth's Trojan asteroids.
The telepaths hide their talents and try to slip through life. One has even managed to infiltrate the UN police force.
Interesting story, with a couple of nice twists at the end. The narrator is a good character.