The Old Die Rich

The Old Die Rich


(2 Reviews)
The Old Die Rich by Horace Leonard Gold





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The Old Die Rich


(2 Reviews)
It is the kind of news item you read at least a dozen times a year, wonder about briefly, and then promptly forget—but the real story is the one that the reporters are unable to cover!

Book Excerpt

dn't haul me out to his car as fast as he probably wanted me to go.

"Been trying to get in touch with you all day, Mark. Some old guy was found wandering around, dazed and suffering from malnutrition, with $17,000 in cash inside the lining of his jacket."

"Alive?" I asked, shocked right into eagerness again.

"Just barely. They're trying intravenous feeding to pull him through. I don't think he'll make it."

"For God's sake, let's get there before he conks out!"

Lou raced me to the City Hospital and up to the ward. There was a scrawny old man in a bed, nothing but a papery skin stretched thin over a face like a skull and a body like a Halloween skeleton, shivering as if he was cold. I knew it wasn't the cold. The medics were injecting a heart stimulant into him and he was vibrating like a rattletrap car racing over a gravel road.

"Who are you?" I practically yelled, grabbing his skinny arm. "What happened to you?"

He went on shaking with his eyes closed

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A good, solid story. A little bit hard to get into in the beginning, but it gets better, and the ending is handled well.

A mad scientist sends people throughout time to gather riches for her, and her victims all die when they return. Our hero aims to stop the madness.
Great time-travel short story/mystery. Old people are found dead of starvation with thousands of dollars in bank accounts or in their pockets. An actor investigates.

The writing and plotting are good, and the characters behave logically. The beautiful (but evil) babe is a stereotype, but oh, well.