Zarlah the Martian

Zarlah the Martian


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Zarlah the Martian by R. Norman Grisewood







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Zarlah the Martian


(1 Review)
By means of a remarkable invention Harold Lonsdale comes into communication with Almos, a Martian, and is able to exchange bodies with him, and for a brief time to visit Mars. He finds the planet inhabited by a race far in advance of the men of Earth, living in an ideal community where sin and death have been abolished. In the guise of Almos he meets and loves a Martian, Zarlah. Returning joyfully from the discovery that Almos has decided to remain on Earth forever he is horror-struck to find Zarlah fleeing toward the repellant pole in an arenoid in the hope of being hurled thence to Earth. How the lovers pursue each other among the whirling planets forms the conclusion of the book.

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f miles away.

Among the vast multitude who for centuries have yearned for a glimpse into the unknown worlds that surround us, I stood alone gazing upon the image of a Martian. The thought stunned me; I was seized with a wild impulse to rush out into the street and bring in the throng, that they might look upon the form of this wonderful being on our sister planet. But what proof was there to give them that this was so? I would undoubtedly be ridiculed and accused of trickery. The very fact that had brought a cry of amazement to my lips--the remarkable brilliancy and clearness of the image, and the appearance of the Martian himself--would serve to bring discredit upon anything I might say. Personally I had ample proof that the image was that of a Martian, but what instant proof could I give a jeering crowd? I had expected to find in a Martian a strange grotesque being in appearance, if not in mind, much after the weird and fierce character so many authors have portrayed him. Judge, then, my astonishment


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A charming story of romance with lots of bucholic landscapes, utopic Martians and very charming 1900's science.

Full of nice imaginery and very chivalrous and virtuous characters, it has some action and drama in which the lovers must face Fate and the treat of eternal separation. Although it is sometimes a bit slow, it will leave you in a great mood.
If you don't like early 18th-19th century love concept (innocent, pure and undefeatable) you might think this is a bit corny.
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