Lady's Life on a Farm in Manitoba

Lady's Life on a Farm in Manitoba


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Lady's Life on a Farm in Manitoba by Mrs Cecil Hall





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Lady's Life on a Farm in Manitoba


(1 Review)
These letters were never intended for publication, and were only the details written to our family of an every-day life, and now put in the same shape and composition; not as a literary work, but in hopes that the various experiences we underwent may be useful to future colonists intending to emigrate and farm, either in Manitoba or Colorado.

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d "chin" it until our ways parted at this station, they going to the Grand Pacific, we to the Treemont which had been recommended to us as being a quieter hotel for ladies alone.

Men make these hotels their club, where they smoke and lounge all day; but as there is a second door for ladies, one is not bothered in any way unless you want to go to the office for information.

We are astonished at the enormous piles of buildings in this city; land, one would think, must be cheap. All the shops cover an equally large area, though, in many, several offices are on one floor. It is too marvellous to think, when one looks at this place, that three and a half square miles in the centre of the town, which is now in regular handsome broad streets, the fire of eleven years ago should have so completely burnt everything to the ground, though now not a vestige of the conflagration is left. The houses have even had time to get quite blackened with the smoke of the soft coal they use, which is found in great quantities


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This is NOT a "Little House on the Prairie" adventure! This is the diary of two wealthy travelers from Europe to
the United States and Canada. The writer is obviously
well educated and her observations are clear and detailed. This "diary" is entertaining to me personally
because although the ladies certainly were "roughing" it greatly compared to todays world they enjoyed quite a few luxuries not available to the ordinary pioneers settling a new frontier. Again, their obvious wealth made their travels easier. They worked harder than I ever have had to on the farm they visited and were hardy ladies for sure. An entertaining read.
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