The Last Place on Earth

The Last Place on Earth


(3 Reviews)
The Last Place on Earth by James Judson Harmon





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The Last Place on Earth


(3 Reviews)
Naturally an undertaker will get the last word.But shouldn't he wait until his clients are dead?

Book Excerpt

g me lynched would be one good way to do it. Ed Michaels almost blew my head off with his shotgun. It was close. Doc Candle almost made it. He didn't miss by far with you and that target pistol either."

"Sam--I may call you 'Sam'?--just try to think calmly and reasonably for a minute. How could Dr. Candle, the undertaker, possibly make you do a thing like you did in Mr. Michaels' hardware store?"

"Well ... he said he was a superhuman alien from outer space."

"If he said that, do you believe him, Sam?"

"Something made me do that. It just wasn't my own idea."

"It's easier that way, isn't it, Sam?" Nancy asked. "It's easy to say. 'It wasn't me; some space monster made me do it.' But you really know better, don't you, Sam? Don't take the easy way out! You'll only get deeper and deeper into your makebelieve world. It will be like quicksand. Admit your mistakes--face up to them--lick them."

Collins stood up, and came around the end of the table.

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Giving this story away for free comes very close to overcharging for it. If the undertaker is who he says he is, why does he act the way he does? Boyhood surgery for a clubfoot? why is that in the story? Some of the descriptive turns of phrase are so . . . unusual, as to be bewildering. Why do any of these people do what they do? Is the best science the story can come up with, "ignore Einstein"?

On the plus side, it isn't overly long.
An evil alien takes posession of an undertaker and uses mind control on local citizens. Recommended only as a cure for insomnia.
Spell-binding,creepy short story about aliens and death and how things aren't quite what they seem to be. A short, enjoyable read.
Laura A H Elliott - Creating an Absolutely Unique and Captivating World
FEATURED AUTHOR - Laura's love for story and travel began in the Amazon where she grew up waterskiing with piranha while learning of head hunters and curses. Her passions include sailing, food, trekking, humanitarian work, learning new languages, family, and playing guitar. No matter the language barrier, perceived danger, altitude, squalls, fashion faux pas, or ingested gluten, she writes to inspire. Months at sea is her happy place. Check out for her latest adventures.