Measure for a Loner

Measure for a Loner


(2 Reviews)
Measure for a Loner by James Judson Harmon





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Measure for a Loner


(2 Reviews)
You can measure everything these days--heat, light, gravity, reflexes, force-fields, star-drives. And now I know there even is a... Measure for a Loner.

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ountains, but it isn't at all. You aren't alone when you can watch the burning worlds shadow the bow of God...."

I cleared my throat. The poor kid sounded like he would begin spouting something akin to poetry next.

"So I believe you," I told him. "That doesn't finish it. We have to convince them. I don't like this, but the simplest way would be to volunteer for their hibitor injection. I've found out Madison and his crowd don't believe men awake, only assorted dopes."

Johnson deflated his area of the room with his breath intake.

"Okay," he said at last. "I guess so."

* * * * *

When Johnson gave us what we needed to clear the problem, it didn't take me long to finish processing the rest of the handful of possible loners we had located. Unlike Johnson, all the rest had reasons for their self-imposed loneliness. Unlike Meyverik none of their reasons were associated with the interstellar flight. They instead involved literary research, swindles, isolated

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The first interstellar ship only fits one man, and the trip will take three years. The problem is that modern psychology has so well-adjusted people from childhood that people who like to be alone are rare. How does a shrink find, and test, a person to see if he really likes to be alone?

A fairly good story.
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FEATURED AUTHOR - Laura's love for story and travel began in the Amazon where she grew up waterskiing with piranha while learning of head hunters and curses. Her passions include sailing, food, trekking, humanitarian work, learning new languages, family, and playing guitar. No matter the language barrier, perceived danger, altitude, squalls, fashion faux pas, or ingested gluten, she writes to inspire. Months at sea is her happy place. Check out for her latest adventures.