Beyond the Thunder

Beyond the Thunder


(2 Reviews)
Beyond the Thunder by H. B. Hickey





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Beyond the Thunder


(2 Reviews)
What was this blinding force that came out of a hole in the sky, and was powerful enough to destroy an entire city? Case thought he knew....

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nd ready to go.

"This is where we get out," Case said. He shoved the driver out of the door and followed him. His fist came up in a short arc and cracked against a jaw-bone.

"Sorry," Case told the inert figure. "I just can't take any chances."

He dumped the unconscious man beside the road and then went back to the car. Wheeling it around so it pointed back toward the main gate, he left the motor whirring and stepped out. One hand depressed the accelerator button, the other held the motor release.

When he jumped clear, the car spurted. With lights off in the darkness the automatic brake wouldn't work. A hundred yards down the car slowed, swerved, hit a concrete abutment. Quite a crash, Case thought. That ought to turn a few heads the wrong way for a while.

He was at the high fence in a flash. His fingers searched for and found crevices. Those fingers were strong as steel. They hauled Case Damon upward and over the top. He grinned into the darkness.

Men were running fro

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The story starts out well with liquefied eyeballs, but it becomes a pulp formula story after New York is destroyed by a ray from empty space in the first paragraph.
Case Damon is the hero. He is so buff that, when they are escaping the Orange Men, it is necessary to burn an extra bar off the window opening so Case can get his shoulders through.
There are a number of convenient coincidences in the story--the 12 hour cycle of ray attacks, the tank of atomic fuel that he can rig into an A-bomb, the television screen in the room they hole up in, and so on.
The plotting and characterizations are at about an eight year old's level.
A short space-based swashbuckler in the same vein as your average Buck Rogers story. High on action and adventure, low on depth and substance but still somewhat enjoyable.