The Boats of the 'Glen-Carrig'

The Boats of the 'Glen-Carrig'


(6 Reviews)
The Boats of the 'Glen-Carrig' by William Hope Hodgson







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The Boats of the 'Glen-Carrig'


(6 Reviews)
Being an account of their Adventures in the Strange places of the Earth, after the foundering of the good ship Glen Carrig through striking upon a hidden rock in the unknown seas to the Southward. As told by John Winterstraw, Gent., to his son James Winterstraw, in the year 1757, and by him committed very properly and legibly to manuscript.

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t down to make a search. And so, in a little while, we came upon two casks which the bo'sun broke open with a hatchet. These casks were sound and tight, and in them was ship's biscuit, very good and fit for food. At this, as may be imagined, we felt eased in our minds, knowing that there was no immediate fear of starvation. Following this, we found a barrel of molasses; a cask of rum; some cases of dried fruit--these were mouldy and scarce fit to be eaten; a cask of salt beef, another of pork; a small barrel of vinegar; a case of brandy; two barrels of flour--one of which proved to be damp-struck; and a bunch of tallow dips.

In a little while we had all these things up in the big cabin, so that we might come at them the better to make choice of that which was fit for our stomachs, and that which was otherwise. Meantime, whilst the bo'sun overhauled these matters, Josh called a couple of the men, and went on deck to bring up the gear from the boats, for it had been decided that we should pass the night aboa


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(1907) Horror (Monsters/supernatural Beings) / Adventure (Survival) / Nautical (Ship wreck)

R; * * * * *

Plot bullets

The sailing ship Glen Carrig, has foundered. Two lifeboats with a few survivors must deal with not only thirst and hunger, but the strange and deadly beings that they encounter, as they try to find hospitable land..
They first come across an island, and barely escape the almost supernatural beings living there. The trees on the island mimic or have turned past stranded souls to to tree shaped humans.
Their second landing is on an island in the middle of a vast sea of seaweed, much like that of the famous Sargasso Sea.
This vast mass of weed has also trapped ships in it's floating web. One of the ships has people aboard who have been stranded there for seven years.
There is now only one lifeboat, due to a separation in a storm. The few men aboard must fight for their lives and try to rescue the others.
The sea around the weeds is inhabited by giant devil fish (Octopus) and a deadly type of ghoulish creature that attacks by night.
The men are perched on a rock in the middle of the wed. The ship is too far off to get to easily, due to the creatures in the wed. All may be lost for the stranded ship and the crew from 'The Boats of the Glen Carrig'.

A good read. Not entirely a horror story but some part of the story gave me the creeps. I read it in one sitting.
Agree with the other reviewers. Great book, would make a wonderful movie! Author has a great talent for description and detail!
Hodgson's old-fashioned style of over-description and under-characterization has a wonderful charm and frightening down-to-earth quality that works well with the disturbing events, monsters, and creepy landscapes his sailing hero encounters.
Fictional story about two boats full of people after abandoning their mothership in unknown waters. Great nautical adventure with mutant fauna & flora.
What a great find! I am so glad I discovered William Hope Hodgson's works here! I first read "Carnacki, the Ghost Finder" because it was highly recommended by other readers, and went on to read this book, the "Boats of the 'Glen-Carrig.'" I could not put it down! It reminds me of a cross between Pirates of the Caribbean and the Swiss Family Robinson - with LOTS of action and creepy monsters. The author does such a great job at describing the monsters and the landscapes and the people that it is easy to envision them. The ending is just wonderful, and I can't wait to read the rest of his works! This book would make a great movie!! I'm so glad is making these old books available, I would have never read this book otherwise.