'Lena Rivers

'Lena Rivers


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'Lena Rivers by Mary Jane Holmes







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'Lena Rivers


(14 Reviews)

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el piqued at his neglect, and to strive in many ways to attract his attention.

John, who was ambitious, met her advances more than half way, and finally, encouraged by her father, offered her his heart and hand. Under other circumstances, Matilda would undoubtedly have spurned him with contempt; but having heard that her recreant lover was about taking to himself a bride, she felt a desire, as she expressed it, "to let him know she could marry too." Accordingly, John was accepted, on condition that he changed the name of Nichols, which Miss Richards particularly disliked, to that of Livingstone. This was easily done, and the next letter which went to Oakland carried the news of John's marriage with the proud Matilda.

A few months later and Mr. Richards died, leaving his entire property to his daughter and her husband. John was now richer far than even in his wildest dreams he had ever hoped to be, and yet like many others, he found that riches alone could not insure happiness. And, indeed, to be hap

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After reading this novel one realise that why Mary J. Holmes was best seller. It has all the contents of an entertaining read. Melodrama blend with humour pathos and romance. At one point of time one feel that it is a historical romance written by a contemporary author. The narrative technique is unique, omniscient as well as giving glimpse of characters as a stand by author. A wholesome entertainer. A feel good read.
I have been looking for this book for along time and wanted to read it. My mother was named Lena Rivers Cox- Whitehurst- and I loved her name and now get to read it. as I read some of the review I see that others are name after the book too! how great is that. just happy to fined it. Thanks in memory of my mother~ Diane~
I cant believe I just found this book. I now realize after all these years how my grandmother got her name - it was after this book title !! She was born in 1900 and her first and middle name were Lena Rivers. I have racked my brain and stumbled on this. I am NOW going to order it and read it ASAP - thanks for all the great reviews :-)
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The novel was riddled with run on sentences, but was somewhat amusing.
If you enjoy poverty-to-riches, low-born-to-high-born, + back again, great coincidences and misunderstandings, you'll enjoy this Victorian romp, which has great characters and plots and counter-plots.
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I agree with Leah. Well-written review. There is a clear differentiation between the protagonists (honorable and kind) and antagonists (scheming and proud), and the heavy plotting in the long middle of the story gets quite tedious. Some of the reactions are far-fetched. Two out of five at best.
This romantic saga, set before the Civil War, follows the ill-omened, orphaned 'Lena. Her parents married secretly; her father abandoned her mother before her fatal birth. She's forced from her loving, though impoverished, childhood home with her grandparents in rural Massachusetts, and must reside in Kentucky as a begrudged poor relation with her weak, henpecked uncle; his haughty, wealthy wife; and their spoiled children.

By mid-novel, the plot becomes very predictable: Of course, 'Lena grows up to be beautiful and accomplished. And, of course, many pitfalls and misunderstandings -- some deliberately fostered by her proud, plotting aunt and other spiteful characters -- lie between 'Lena and true love.

As in many romantic novels of the period, a significant part of the story hinges on the society's opinion of proper behavior for women.

Some minor, but interesting, background covers the life of slaves in Kentucky. The rest left me pretty cold.
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