Stover at Yale

Stover at Yale


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Stover at Yale by Owen Johnson







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Stover at Yale


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A splendind story of student life in our American colleges. Stover is a typical American and a born leader. He comes to Yale from Lawrenceville Preparatory School, where he has been the "big man in a big school." His keen anticipation of leading his class at Yale is not disappointed, and his ambition and innate aristocracy incline him to the exclusivity of the college societies. But as he comes in close contact with some of the worthwhile thinking men who stand outside the "magic circle," his native independence sturdily asserts itself -- and through his leadership his whole class is brought together on a democratic basis.

Book Excerpt

rowd they made their way across the depot to the street.

"I'm going to hoof it," said Regan, extending his hand, "Glad to have met you. I'll drop in on you soon.

Stover watched him go stalwartly through the crowd, his bag under one arm, his soft hat set a little at defiance, looking neither to the right nor left.

"Why the deuce did he say that about Le Baron? He thought, with a feeling of irritation.

Then, obeying an impulse, he signaled an expressman, consigned his bag, and made his way on foot, dodging in and out of the rapidly filled hacks, where upper classmen sat four on the seat, hugging one another with bearlike hugs.

"Eli, freshman, take off that hat!"

He removed his derby immediately, bowing to a hilarious crowd, who rocked ahead shouting back unintelligible gibes at him.

Others were clinging to car steps and straps.

"Hello, Dink!"

Some one had called him but he could not discover who. He swung down the crowded street to the heart of the

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