With Hoops of Steel

With Hoops of Steel


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With Hoops of Steel by Florence Finch Kelly





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With Hoops of Steel


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Owen Wister’s The Virginian and Florence Finch Kelly’s With Hoops of Steel were the first of the modern cow-boy novels. Twenty-five years have passed since Mrs. Kelly’s enthralling story first appeared--September, 1900. Most of the novels published then and since, are dead and forgotten. Not so With Hoops of Steel. It was in continuous demand from its first friendly welcome by the critics until the World War turned public attention to Europe. Even so its vitality persisted, justified this new edition, and seems to warrant the belief that the present generation will find its story interest as vivid and as exciting as did the past, and its value even greater, for it presents an authentic portrait of the old southwestern cattlemen and a fascinating picture of a phase of national development now passed into history.

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ook you at a disadvantage and misused you shameful. You're an officer of the law, Tommy, and it was as bad as contempt of court! It's our duty to arrest 'em for it and bring 'em in."

"But we can't do it without warrants, Nick."

Ellhorn took some papers from his pocket and looked them over. "I'm lookin' for a Mexican named Antonio Diaz," he said. "Here's the warrant for his arrest. Violation of the Edmunds act. You say one of these men was a Mexican. I think likely he's Antonio. We'll go and find out. Never mind tellin' me how he looked," he went on hastily, as Tuttle began to speak. "It's likely he's Antonio, and it's my duty to go and find out. Of course, they'll resist arrest, and then they'll get their punishment for the way they treated you."

Tuttle looked disapproving. "Nick, what do you think would be Emerson's judgment?"

"Emerson ain't here, and I'm acting on my own judgment, which is to go after this outfit and pepper 'em full of holes if they're sassy."

Tuttle shook

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