The Coming Race

The Coming Race


(3 Reviews)
The Coming Race by Baron Lytton Edward Bulwer Lytton







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The Coming Race


(3 Reviews)
Underground explorers discover a buried Utopia.

Book Excerpt

could be those voices? What human hands could have levelled that road and marshalled those lamps?

"The superstitious belief, common to miners, that gnomes or fiends dwell within the bowels of the earth, began to seize me. I shuddered at the thought of descending further and braving the inhabitants of this nether valley. Nor indeed could I have done so without ropes, as from the spot I had reached to the bottom of the chasm the sides of the rock sank down abrupt, smooth, and sheer. I retraced my steps with some difficulty. Now I have told you all."

"You will descend again?"

"I ought, yet I feel as if I durst not."

"A trusty companion halves the journey and doubles the courage. 8I will go with you. We will provide ourselves with ropes of suitable length and strength- and- pardon me- you must not drink more to-night. our hands and feet must be steady and firm tomorrow."

Chapter II.

With the morning my friend'

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This was a common theme in science fiction at the end of the 19th century. The Hollow Earth Theory. I found it a rather good book but very dated.
(1871) Sci-fi (Utopian)
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Plot bullets

A man descends a mine, into a new world inside the Earth.
The people of this world are advanced and powerful but not aggressive.
They learn of the violent, backward race above, and they fear interaction.
They feel that they must prevent the man from returning to his world. The upper world must never know of them.
There are some who feel differently. A young girl falls in love with the stranger.
It is just a matter of time, before the two societies meet. It is a matter of time, before the surface world must deal with, The Coming Race.