The Princess and the Goblin

The Princess and the Goblin


(4 Reviews)
The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald







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The Princess and the Goblin


(4 Reviews)
A model of what a child's book ought to be--interesting, instructive, and poetical. We cordially recommend it as one of the very best gift-books we have yet come across. Followed by The Princess and the Curdie.

Book Excerpt

'But somebody knows that you are in the house?'

'No; nobody.'

'How do you get your dinner, then?'

'I keep poultry - of a sort.'

'Where do you keep them?'

'I will show you.'

'And who makes the chicken broth for you?'

'I never kill any of MY chickens.'

'Then I can't understand.'

'What did you have for breakfast this morning?' asked the lady.

'Oh! I had bread and milk, and an egg - I dare say you eat their eggs.'

'Yes, that's it. I eat their eggs.'

'Is that what makes your hair so white?'

'No, my dear. It's old age. I am very old.'

'I thought so. Are you fifty?'

'Yes - more than that.'

'Are you a hundred?'

'Yes - more than that. I am too old for you to guess. Come and see my chickens.'

Again she stopped her spinning. She rose, took the princess by the hand, led her out of the room, and opened the door opposite the stair. The princess expected to see a lot of hens and chickens,


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Magical! I can't wait until I have kids so that I can read it to them. This is one of those rare books which is completely timeless, and where the characters are all good and brave and noble but still somehow real, and you are never quite sure precisely what is going to happen next but you know you must find out.
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it was so interesting that i like to read it again and again . if you didn't read this book yet try to read and you will see it's interesting !
This is a really grand classic. If you have seen the movie "The Princess and the Goblin" and loved it (or even if you didn't like it so much), you will definitely adore the much more detailed book. It's well worth the read, even if there are a few punctuation mistakes
Wonderful children's fantasy story. I highly recemmend this one and the followup story. The story continues with Princess and Curdie.
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FEATURED AUTHOR - Award-winning and USA Today best-selling author Debra Kristi writes addicting young adult fantasy, urban fantasy, and paranormal adventures. Born and raised a Southern California girl, she still resides in the sunny state with her husband, two kids, and several rescue cats. Unlike many of the characters in the stories she writes, Debra is not immortal, and her only superpower is letting the dishes and laundry pile up.