The Chameleon Man

The Chameleon Man


(3 Reviews)
The Chameleon Man by William P. McGivern







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The Chameleon Man


(3 Reviews)
Perfect adaptation, that's what it was. When a human being can blend with his surroundings, funny things can happen!

Book Excerpt

going to line you up doing an act for the U. S. O. Does that show you my heart's in the right place?"

"There will be a short pause for cat-calls and boos," Alice murmured.

"All right," Horatio said with a sigh. "I'll go along with you."

"Fine," I said. "And just to get you used to army life I'm going to start paying you fifty bucks a month."

"You great big generous man," Alice said and I think there was a twinge of sarcasm in her voice.

"Now that's no way to talk," I said. "I'm doing the lad a favor."

"Yeah," she said. "I'm sure you are. Just like a man picking up a dollar bill is doing the street cleaners a favor."

"You don't understand my noble motives," I said, "so I will not talk about them anymore. Tomorrow we start rehearsing the new act."

* * * * *

Well, sir, it was absolutely amazing the way Horatio picked that act up. With his dexterous, invisible help Mystiffio performed like the paragon of all prestidigitators. Alice added a jolt of hig

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This is more science whimsy than science fiction. A kid so colorless and unnoticeable as to be invisible is rejected by the Army (it's WWII) and gets shanghaied by an unscrupulous show-biz manager.
The characters have all been used many times before, and the war stuff makes it feel quaint. It was amusing, and I wasn't bored, insulted, or made to feel stupid.
(1943) Sci-fi (Invisible man) / Humor

From 'Amazing Stories' January 1943.

R: ***

Plot bullets

A young man can control his level of camouflage to the point of becoming invisible.
Another man says he will help, well he really wants to help himself.
The young man wants to be of use.
The other man wants to put him in show biz.