The New McGuffey First Reader

The New McGuffey First Reader


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The New McGuffey First Reader by W. H. McGuffey





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The New McGuffey First Reader


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The New McGuffey First Reader has been prepared in conformity with the latest and most approved ideas regarding the teaching of reading, and its lessons embody and illustrate the best features of the word, the phonic, and the sentence or thought methods.

Book Excerpt

hey will learn very fast.

Soon we shall see how well they can read.

This doll is not so good as the others.

She does not like to go to school very well.

She must sit by me and look at her book.

As soon as she can read well, she may go home and play.

She goes to school day after day, but she does not learn.

She can not write at all.

She can not tell her name.



This is my little doll.

Her name is Lucy.

Do you thik she is pretty?

s as dolls does goes is


tall Henry am table what

"How tall you are, Henry!"

"Yes, father, I shall soon be a man. I am as tall as the table, now."

"What can you see on the table?"

"I can see your big book, father."

"What do you see by the book?"

"Oh, I see some pictures. Two pictures are by the book, and two are not by the book."

"How many are two and two, Henry?"

"Two and two are four."



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