Jane Journeys On

Jane Journeys On


(4 Reviews)
Jane Journeys On by Ruth Comfort Mitchell







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Jane Journeys On


(4 Reviews)
A young woman decides to live her life fully, and to avoid marrying too early.A brisk story of youth, brimming over with gaiety and humor, is this novel about how an attractive girl set out to win her way by writing.

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mber,"--a solid and dependable-looking room. "Sally, I want you to come home with me and stay over night."

"Oh, Jane, I don't believe I could,--not to-night! If I'd known sooner--I haven't anything with me."

"I'll loan you everything you need. Please, Sally! You can telephone your mother now."

"But Edward and Nannie brought me, and it seems sort of----"

"Sally, don't be a nuisance! I want you. I--need you!"

Sarah Farraday peered closely at her through her nearsighted eyes. "Jane! You haven't quarreled with Marty, have you? Oh, Jane!"

"No, but I shall if you don't come home with me!"

Her best friend looked long and anxiously at her and then went with a sigh to telephone her mother, and the evening, which Mrs. Wetherby described as "a little gathering of the young folks," got under way. Jane played cards sedately for the earlier part of it and joined with conscientious liveliness in the games which came later, just before Mrs. Wetherby's conception of "l

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A delightfuk story. The relationship between Jane and Michael reminds me at times of the one between Jo ans Mr. Baejr (Little Women).
Wonderful! The joy of living sings through this author's writing--along with a keen sense of the absurd! I will read more from her. Enjoy!
Jane wants more out of life so she leaves home and goes to New York to pursue a writing career. She meets many new people and has lots of adventures and yes, finds her love at the end. I really liked this book and I recommend it for anyone looking for a new read. 5-stars.
Written in 1922, this novel is about a single woman in her twenties who decides to follow her dream of becoming a writer instead of marrying her hometown sweetheart. She moves to New York City, where she moves into a boardinghouse and meets many intersting characters. Will she find success as a writer, or will she move back to Vermont and become a housewife? Read it and find out.