Awful Disclosures

Awful Disclosures
or, The Hidden Secrets of a Nun's Life in a Convent Exposed


(15 Reviews)
Awful Disclosures  by Maria Monk







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Awful Disclosures
or, The Hidden Secrets of a Nun's Life in a Convent Exposed


(15 Reviews)
Lurid and fictional tale of a woman's escape from a Montreal convent, the publication of which stirred anti-Catholic sentiment and discrimination against immigrants.

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secure society against one of the most destructive but insidious institutions of popery; American females, an appeal to them of the most solemn kind, to beware of Convents, and all who attempt to inveigle our unsuspecting daughters into them, by the secret apparatus of Jesuit schools. The author of this book was a small, slender, uneducated, and persecuted young woman, who sought refuge in our country without a protector; but she showed the resolution and boldness of a heroine, in confronting her powerful enemies in their strong hold, and proved, by the simple force of truth, victorious in the violent conflicts which were waged against her by the Romish hierarchy of America and the popular press of the United States.

The publishers have thought the present an opportune period to place this work again in the hands of American readers, with such information, in a preface, as is necessary to acquaint readers of the present day with the leading circumstances attending and succeeding its original publication.


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Any review of this book must consider the central issue of whether it is truth or fiction. One also has to consider what a lone woman like Maria Monk was up against back in the 19th century when she took on the mighty Catholic Church and its legions of zealous supporters in high and low positions in society.

The most difficult thing one faces when one reveals bad things about respected institutions is that few people are willing or able to believe it and this is exactly what occurred in Maria Monk's case.

It is quite clear that she told exactly what she saw in the Black Nunnery of Montreal. It is also quite clear that the Church had the wherewithall to counter her story and relegate it to the so-called "anti-Catholic" genre. This trick term has so far proven quite effective in deceiving the gullible.

The great irony of it all is that Maria Monk merely did what courageous people abused by the church have done up to this very day: Tell the public what happened and the church continues to do effective damage control. When will we ever learn?
Having read this book some years ago iam in the frame of mind that every word to be true.While i was working and staying at a convent called St.Mary,s in Dundee Scotland for a week i witnessed some very physical touchie touchie feelie feelie goings on between the young priests and young nuns in the grounds at night.The catholic church should be held to account for all the dirty going ons of all including cardinal Winning who was from Glasgow now in hiding in the wee town of Dunbar.
This book is so obviously FICTION!.Ihere is no mention of the daily prayer rituals that all religious were involved in. Another SO obvious error is calling the \'nuns\' Saint Whatever. Nuns were know as either Mother or Sister - this applied across all religious orders. There are too many factual errors for me to be bothered pointing out anymore. It\'s a piece of undilutated tripe! I cannot believe that people would actually believe it!!!
Taking in account the ridiculous sex scandals in which some catholic priests have been involved in the past years which have been published in the media worldwide. It does not surprise me what this book is all about. In my country since I was a kid I heard dirty stories about catholic priests. Those who take for granted what this book says, honestly I am sorry for them. They are being squareminded and shortsighted.
I read this book a few years ago and I think it gives a shocking look into the miss-handlings of serious issues within the catholic church. They need to weed out the bad priest, not protect them. How can yo serve God and be an Inspiration to people when you ranks contain Godless scum within there numbers. I think the reports of the last 20 years go a long way to add credibility to the author. Anyone who doubts the book and the author's story have to ignor what has gone on in our age and time.
My dad who was born in 1890 and my mom who born in 1900 told me to try and get a hold of this book,as back then when they were in Mtl. The book was banned in Quebec by the Catholic Church.They told me that tunnels were actually found in Mtl where they discovered many things and I think that is why Quebec banned the book.
She offered to show the authorities where these bones were, and where the events took place. Did any authorities take her up on this offer? Easy to disprove if the things she mentioned did not exist.
Um, none of you know much about book reviewing, do you? Reviewing a book is about its quality and interest, not about whether it is true (The Bible: 1 star. This didn't really happen!) Idiots.

That said, it's not very good.
This book is an outrageous LIE. It was written by a prostitute in a wayward house whose handlers wanted to cash in on the anti-Catholicism at the time. If you spread this book you bear false witness because it has all been proven as a hoax a hundred years ago at the very least.