Shock Treatment

Shock Treatment


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Shock Treatment by Stanley Mullen





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Shock Treatment


(3 Reviews)
"I'll give you the cure for the most horrible disease," Songeen said. "The sickness of life itself." Newlin replied, "Fine. But first, give me a couple of minutes to kill your husband. Then we'll go on from there."

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dead or alive, bring him to me."

* * * * *

Suddenly Newlin disliked his errand. Even more, he disliked himself. For a brittle moment, he was moved to turn back, refuse to carry out a bargain he now regretted. Killing for pay, at the whim of a jealous or scorned woman, was too ugly even for his calloused morality.

"Preferably dead?" he asked thinly.

"Preferably alive," Songeen murmured. "You would not understand, of course. It is because I love him. He will not come, but he must have the chance. And I must send a stranger to kill him, because he has--forgotten."

Newlin stiffened angrily. He was on the point of rejecting the girl and her project when a battery of lights moved toward them from the winding lanes of the Park. Too well he knew what they meant.

As the wealthiest district of Venusport, Monta Park was smug, respectable, luxurious--and protected. Roving radio-patrols of Protection Police--privately hired thugs--guarded its dwellers and their possessions. A pro

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A murder conspiracy on Venus leads to alien contact and a warning for humanity. Highly recommended.
(1952) Sci-fi (Other dimensions / Earth threat) / Adventure / Romance

From 'If Worlds of Science Fiction' September 1952.

R: ****

Plot bullets

On Venus, life is cheap. A girl wants a notorious man to enter a building and force a man to talk to her. If that doesn't work, he is to kill the man.
She says this is an act of love, not revenge.
Things go wrong, but the incredible part is just beginning.
There is more at stake than appears. Earth itself is in danger.
The girl offers Earth it's last chance, and it is the final shock treatment, that must work.

The story starts out in a dive bar on Venus, turns into a murder for hire, then a chase across Venus to a forgotten city, then . . . . I liked the story. Nice descriptions, good characters, I found I could ignore that Venus really ain't like that, and enjoy the story.
Dan Grant - A Science/medical Thriller that Reveals a Radical Breakthrough
FEATURED AUTHOR - Dan loves intriguing tales that weave science, medicine, history, or technology into the fabric of the drama. The Singularity Witness follows that style and includes a creative backdrop. He's also a licensed professional engineer with masters’ in education and English with an emphasis in creative writing. His engineering endeavors have provided unique opportunities to work with a variety medical and technological applications, and get behind the scenes at military facilities. Those experiences… Read more