The Vampire Maid

The Vampire Maid


(3 Reviews)
The Vampire Maid by Hume Nisbet







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The Vampire Maid


(3 Reviews)

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It was the exact kind of abode that I had been looking after for weeks, for I was in that condition of mind when absolute renunciation of society was a necessity. I had become diffident of myself, and wearied of my kind. A strange unrest was in my blood; a barren dearth in my brains. Familiar objects and faces had grown distasteful to me. I wanted to be alone.

This is the mood which comes upon every sensitive and artistic mind when the possessor has been overworked or living too long in one groove. It is Nature's hint for him to seek pastures new; the sign that a retreat has become needful.

If he does not yield, he breaks down and becomes whimsical and hypochondriacal, as well as hypercritical. It is always a bad sign when a man becomes over-critical and censorious about his own or other people's work, for it means that he is losing the vital portions of work, freshness and enthusiasm.

Before I arrived at the dismal stage of criticism I hastily packed up my knapsack, and taking the train to Westmorland, I began my tramp in search of solitude, bracing air and romantic surroundings.

Many places I came upon during that early summer wandering that appeared to have almost

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Well, it's a vampire story, and the writing is pretty good, with good description. The plot is simple, there's not a lot of mystery about what's going on.
Perhaps the problem is that vampires bore me; maybe someone else should review this stuff.
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Good short about a man who travels seeking solitude, and is bewitched by a vampire.
Vampires are now all the rage, but imagine what it was like when the genre and tropes were brand new and you will enjoy this now very dated entry into the library of vampire stories.

The title gives all away and you'll see the ending coming before you're halfway through this short story, but for its length, it has satisfying rewards for the reader willing to go along for the ride.