Doors of the Night

Doors of the Night


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Doors of the Night by Frank L. Packard







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Doors of the Night


(1 Review)
There are twenty-six nail-biting chapters in this exciting novel from Frank L. Packard.

Book Excerpt

ed the hall door, looked out, closed the door softly again, and from there walked to one of the two doors at the lower end of the room, opened this, looked into the room beyond, and closed it again.

Billy Kane watched the other in frank amazement. The door that David Ellsworth had just opened was the door of the "office"--the room that during working hours, which were from ten to five, was occupied by the stenographer. True, the room opened on the back hallway and had a separate entrance from the courtyard in the rear, an entrance always used by the stenographer, but it was always locked by Peters, the butler, at night, and he, Billy Kane, had the only other key.

David Ellsworth returned, and halted before Billy Kane's chair.

"No, I am not in my second childhood, Billy," he said quietly. "That letter was certainly not written without a purpose; and yet from every angle that I have been able to view it, except one, it would have been exactly that--without purpose. I believe it is the first

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(1922) Mystery / Murder

Plot bullets

A man is framed for a murder and theft.
On the loose, he must prove his innocence.
He has to live in the criminal areas of London.
And of course, there is a complication, a girl.
Doors have become the symbol, the nemesis of his new life.
Doors from which he must flee, doors he must break in, doors that close in front of him, secret doors.

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