The Case and The Girl

The Case and The Girl


(3 Reviews)
The Case and The Girl by Randall Parrish







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The Case and The Girl


(3 Reviews)
When adventure beckoned in the form of a veiled girl in the mysterious limousine, in trouble, Capt. Matt West jumped in, with two fists ready for action. Fromthat point on there's not a dull moment!

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he department records at Washington furnished all further information. A Senator kindly attended to that end, and was also able to supply a little additional gossip through one of his Southern colleagues. So you perceive, Captain, I am not altogether reckless. Are you interested in learning what I know?"

"I am; both from records and gossip. Will you tell me?"

"Willingly," and she checked the points off on her gloved fingers. "You are Matthew West, the only son of Judge Robert Peel West, of Atlanta, Georgia. Your mother, who was of the well-known Bullock family, died when you were about fifteen, and her widowed sister has since been the house-keeper. You are a graduate of the university of Virginia, being fourth in your class in Scholarship. Your engineering course was completed in Massachusetts, and you later became connected with the Wyant Contracting Company, of Chicago. You were here, however, only a very brief time, making but few acquaintances, when the War broke out. You immediately entered the fi


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(1922) Mystery (Confidence)/Murder / Detective (Adventure)

R: * * * *

Plot bullets

An honorably discharge vet wants to put some adventure back into his life.
He advertises for adventure in the newspaper. No this is not Bulldog Drummond.
A girl asks his help in a puzzling affair which is making her doubt her sanity.
Others tell her that she has been seen places and done things that she knows nothing about.
He is treading where more than bravery and devotion is required and has fallen in love with his client.
He has gotten involved with both The Case and the Girl.

Dunce of an amateur detective poses as heiress' fiance. She thinks someone else is posing as her, fooling her friends and her banker. Interesting idea. Would have been shorter if he had been smarter.

Spoiler alert: do no read earlier review of this book.
It's a good romance-detective story. The plot revolves along the two twin sisters. The heroine is a girl of gracious nature. The hero's character was persistent. Overall a nice detective book to read along with some romantic moments.