The Knights of Arthur

The Knights of Arthur


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The Knights of Arthur by Frederik Pohl







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The Knights of Arthur


(1 Review)
With one suitcase as his domain, Arthur was desperately in need of armed henchmen … for his keys to a kingdom were typewriter keys!

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he Yard at Portsmouth, and it was night, and I looked up and there was something up there, all silvery and bad. It was a missile--and that was silly, because you never see a missile. But this was a dream.

And the thing burst, like a Roman candle flaring out, all sorts of comet-trails of light, and then the whole sky was full of bright and colored snow. Little tiny flakes of light coming down, a mist of light, radiation dropping like dew; and it was so pretty, and I took a deep breath. And my lungs burned out like slow fire, and I coughed myself to death with the explosions of the missile banging against my flaming ears....

Well, it was a dream. It probably wasn't like that at all--and if it had been, I wasn't there to see it, because I was tucked away safe under a hundred and twenty fathoms of Atlantic water. All of us were on the Sea Sprite.

But it was a bad dream and it bothered me, even when I woke up and found that the banging explosions of the missile were the noise of Arthu

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Overall, an entertaining story, though it's a tad frustrating to get into because the author keeps you in the dark about what's going on for quite a bit. The plotting is well done, and interest keeps building until the end. I didn't particularly care for the ending because it's a bit unclear what will happen to the world as the story closes.

Basically, this is a post nuclear war dystopia where you have three friends trying to fulfill a somewhat arbitrary dream of sailing on an ocean liner. The challenges they face are interesting. The amount of sci fi is quite limited.