Michael O'Halloran

Michael O'Halloran


(2 Reviews)
Michael O'Halloran  by Gene Stratton Porter





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Michael O'Halloran


(2 Reviews)
Michael is a quick-witted little Irish newsboy, living in Northern Indiana. He adopts a deserted little girl, a cripple. He also assumes the responsibility of leading the entire rural community upward and onward.

Book Excerpt

"It's always been bad. I ain't ever walked," she said.

"Well!" breathed Mickey, aghast. "And knowing she'd have to leave you some day, your granny went and scared you stiff about the Home folks taking you, when it's the only place for you to be going? Talk about women having the sense to vote!"

"I won't go! I won't! I'll scratch them! I'll bite them!" Then in swift change: "Oh boy, don't. Please, please don't let them '_get_' me."

Mickey took both the small bony hands reaching for him. He was so frightened with their hot, tremulous clutch, that he tried to pull away, dragging the tiny figure half to light and bringing from it moans of pain.

"Oh my back! Oh you're hurting me! Oh don't leave me! Oh boy, oh dear boy, please don't leave me!"

When she said "Oh dear boy," Mickey heard the voice of his mother in an hourly phrase. He crept closer, enduring the touch of the grimy claws.

"My name's Mickey," he said. "What's your?"

"Peaches," she answered. "Peaches, when I'm good. Crippled

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I think us women have lost our
way in this world. We have lost
what the Lord had from the beginning created us to be.
I appreciate Porter\\\'s writing. Thank you for maintaining what was originally suppose to be.
After reading Freckles and a girl of the limberlost, this book is Terrible.
Start with the photo. How old they look, around 18 or so. The little foulmouthed child is 10, and Mickey is 14(???). But he decides to adopt her, saying she belongs to me ever so often. Big bore.
Porter cannot prevent her xenophobia from showing, typical 1920s attitude against immigrants.She doesn't seem to like the Irish much, which is surprising because her husband was half Irish!
Also a woman, according to her can only be a wife and a mother to succeed in life. Being a part of society is not advised. Sour grapes!Same thing seen in a girl of the Limberlost.
Wonder why I wasted my time here.
What was the investigation all about. She does not know, nor do I.
Would have given it a zero, but 1 for the description of the nurse's behaviour. That was good writing.
Music of the birds is for the birds. Bore!

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