The Mystery of the Green Ray

The Mystery of the Green Ray


(3 Reviews)
The Mystery of the Green Ray by William le Queux







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The Mystery of the Green Ray


(3 Reviews)

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f ever I saw honesty and truth and love and loyalty looking out of a girl's eyes, that girl is Myra McLeod."

"Thank you for that, Den," I answered simply. There was little sentiment between us. Thank heaven, there was something more.

"And so you see, you lucky dog, you'll go out to the front, and come back loaded with honours and blushes, and marry the girl of your dreams, and live happy ever after." And Dennis sighed.

"Why the sigh?" I asked. "Oh, come now," I added, suddenly remembering. "Fair exchange, you know. You haven't told me what was worrying you."

"My dear old fellow, don't be ridiculous, there's nothing worrying me."

I pressed him to no purpose. He refused to admit that he had a care in the world, and so we fell to talking of matters connected with the routine of army life, how long we should be before we got to the front, the sport we four should have in our rest time behind the trenches, our determination to stick together at all costs, etc. Suddenly Dennis sat


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Sometimes it can strike you that the main characters are too good-hearted,
with exaggeration even, but when you think that the book was written while
the Great War was beginning to show its horrors, you'll see such
exaltation as justified and sincere.
Finally their goodness operates in you something like a therapeutic effect.
The intrigue is slow to start and isn't too impressive but it is very well conducted, with a good ability to create great moments of suspense.
A highly enjoyable read.
At the start of World War I, Ron Ewart is on the brink of enlisting. He is making a farewell visit to Myra McLeod, his fiancée, in the Scottish Highlands when she is suddenly and mysteriously blinded in what appears at first to be a freak accident, but isn't what it seems. As Ron, Myra and friends delve into the strange events, the McLeod's neighbors behave oddly. Are they to be trusted?Fast moving and cleverly plotted, this short thriller brings in elements of mystery, science fiction and espionage. While the general area where the solution lies becomes obvious fairly soon, the details will keep you guessing.
(1915) Espionage / Mystery / Romance

R: * * * *

Plot bullets

Mysterious things are happening at the little cove. A girl has been blinded by what she can only describe as a green ray.
Others see, or think they see odd occurrences, all at the same spot on the river. A new resident has built a strange house on the hill and the glare from it's glass in the sunlight, is not green and only a nuisance to his neighbors at certain times of the day..
Tom is in love with the stricken girl. He does some investigation but discovers nothing. He does however find an oculist for the girl. This eye doctor turns out to be a lucky discovery, as he has connections with the government and is as clever as Sherlock Holmes.
The green ray strikes again. This time it is the girls dog, which is later abducted, when it is found that the doctor wished to investigate the dog's condition, in hopes of saving the girl's sight.
Tom, his best friend Dennis and the doctor are a prime team, as events come to a head as new comers put an even more suspicious light on the situation.
It is war time. All suspicious activity is taken seriously, but what significance can be attributed to a green light and a blind girl and dog.?
There must be an end to the puzzle. There must be a solution to 'The Mystery of the Green Ray'.

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