The Pirate of Panama

The Pirate of Panama
A Tale of the Fight for Buried Treasure


(1 Review)
The Pirate of Panama by William MacLeod Raine







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The Pirate of Panama
A Tale of the Fight for Buried Treasure


(1 Review)
A tale of old-time pirates and of modern love, hate and adventure. The scene is laid in San Francisco on board The Argus and in Panama. A romantic search for the lost pirate gold with an absorbing love-story running through it all.

Book Excerpt

vite a stranger into her difficulty any more than I could push myself into her confidence.

"I hope you find the paper exactly as you left it, or rather as it left you," I stammered at last.

She had put the map in her hand-bag, but at my words she took it out, not to verify my suggestion but to prolong for a moment her stay in order to find courage to broach the difficulty. For she had come to the office in desperation, determined to confide in me if she liked my face and felt I was to be trusted.

"Yes. It was torn at the moment I threw it away. My cousin has the other part. It is a map."

"So I noticed. My impression was that the paper was yours. I examined it to see whether it held your name and address."

Her blue eyes met mine shyly.

"Did it--interest you at all?"

"Indeed, and it did. Nothing in a long time has interested me more."

I might have made an exception in favor of the owner of the document, but once more I decided to move with discretion.

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An enjoyable novel where the lucid dialogues from the characters would not give you any chance to get bored.

The story opened with the accidental possession of a piece of map by a lawyer named Jack. Later it turned out to be a map of treasure buried in Panama. Jack got acquainted with Evie, original possessor of the map and together they prepared for expeditions to find out the treasure with Jack’s valiant sailor friend Sam. But their opponent Captain Bothwel, expelled from military for misbehaving, was not an ordinary ruffian. His obstinate nature and reckless mentality made him distinctive and a leader of men among his accomplices. Jack and his friends struggled hard in the midst of various hideous plots masterminded by Bothwel to reach Panama. And they had to struggle really hard for Bothwel was a man physically but a wicked devil in heart.

You will find bloody mutiny, soft romance and a lot of twists and turns...

For the first time I’ve read a MacLeod’s book and I’m impressed by his writing style. Wish to
read more MacLeods in future.