Rambo Year One

Rambo Year One
The Only Existing Rambo Prequel


(2 Reviews)
Rambo Year One by Wallace Lee







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Rambo Year One
The Only Existing Rambo Prequel


(2 Reviews)
Personally permitted by author DAVID MORRELL as an unofficial Rambo-prequel, RAMBO YEAR ONE is set in 1967, Fort Bragg; fifty young men are about to face the insanely grueling Fifth Special Forces' selection program, run by the infamous Samuel 'The Beast' Trautman. One of them is John Rambo.

“Infinitely fascinating” Lindsay Johns: BBC's cultural columnist, writer, journalist and broadcaster, United Kingdom.
“Very dark and intense, in the same cords of PLATOON and FIRST BLOOD” Eoin Friel:world renowned movie-blogger, United States.
“Surprising” Tobias Hohman: popular movie historian and critic, Germany.
“A wonderful book” Calvino literary award recognized nationwide for up-and-coming Italian talent.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://ramboyearone.com

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I have read 'Year One' and am reading 'Baker Team' now. I enjoyed it very much!
I've been big a fan of First Blood (part 1) for a long time and I've been looking for prequels for years, but could never find them until I found them on the website of Wallace Lee.
Thankfull that he has written the great stories as he did, and thankfull that he gave it to us for free!
It fits the atmosphere of the novel and movie First Blood very well, I think. A must read for a fan of the Rambo of First Blood and the history behind the character.
Compliments from a avid fan.
PS Looking forward to the English translations of the other books! (less)
The book was about the SOG selection process, with a few flashbacks to Vietnam combat experiences. It was an interesting read that made Parris Island seem like Disneyland in comparison. (It wasn't.) I only wish there was more about Rambo himself in it.
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