Stand by for Mars!

Stand by for Mars!


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Stand by for Mars! by Carey Rockwell









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Stand by for Mars!


(2 Reviews)
Calling all boys and girls to Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and all points in outer space -- You, too, can be a part of the group of daring adventurers from the Space Academy who travel to mysterious lands in outer space on dangerous and exciting missions. It's a simple as opening a book... if the book is Tom Corbett, Space Cadet! You'll discover the Earth of the future, where you can hurtle through space at breath-taking speed, and a trip to Mars will be as simple as taking a walk around the block.

Book Excerpt

ding. Speaking into an audioscriber, a machine that transmitted his spoken words into typescript, he repeated the names of the candidates as they passed.

"Cadet Candidate Tom Corbett," announced Tom, and Herbert repeated it into the audioscriber.

"Cadet Candidate Astro!" The big Venusian stepped forward.

"What's the rest of it, Mister?" inquired Herbert.

"That's all. Just Astro."

"No other names?"

"No, sir," replied Astro. "You see--"

"You don't say 'sir' to a senior cadet, Mister. And we're not interested in why you have only one name!" Herbert snapped.

"Yes, sir--uhh--Mister." Astro flushed and joined Tom.

"Cadet Candidate Philip Morgan," announced the next boy.

Herbert repeated the name into the machine, then announced, "Cadet Candidates Tom Corbett, Astro, and Philip Morgan assigned to Section 42-D."

Turning to the three boys, he indicated the spiraling slidestairs. "Forty-second floor. You'll find Section D in the starboard wing


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(1952) Sci-fi (Space) / Adventure (Academy cadets)

R: * * * *

Plot bullets

Earth boy's Tom Corbett, Roger Manning and Venusian Astro, want to be members of the Solar Guard.
Each has a particular aptitude, command, navigation or propulsion and these abilities allows each to fulfill there desires as cadets at the Space Academy.
Each also has a different reason for wanting to be a Spaceman, which leads to situations above and beyond those that life in the academy and space deal them
Their academy training, personal integrity and adventures aboard their ship, The Polaris and the all important growth as a unit, prepares them for an unexpected situation, as they must 'Stand By for Mars!'

his appears to be the first of the Tom Corbett series
which made it to radio, TV and comics as 'Tom Corbett, Space Cadet'.

This story approaches the genre of 'Young Readers', but I hesitate to give
it that label just because of the youthfulness of the three main characters. I'm not sure I could say the same for the radio, TV and comic book versions.

One of the finest Young Adult Books ever written. I first read this as a child in the 70's. I thought this book (and the entire Tom Corbett series) was lost for all time until I came across it here.

Great Science-Fiction... battles... against the odds survival...internal politics... Carey Rockwell really knew how to write!