The Moon Metal

The Moon Metal


(4 Reviews)
The Moon Metal by Garrett P. Serviss





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The Moon Metal


(4 Reviews)

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convinced that it possesses equal intrinsic value. They must first become familiar with it, and it must be abundant enough and desirable enough to be used sparingly in the arts, just as gold was."

"I have provided for all that," said the stranger, with one of his disconcerting smiles. "I assure you that there will be no trouble with the people. They will be only too eager to get and to use the metal. Let me show you."

He stepped to the door and immediately returned with two black attendants bearing a large tray filled with articles shaped from the same metal as that of which the card was composed. The financiers all jumped to their feet with exclamations of surprise and admiration, and gathered around the tray, whose dazzling contents lighted up the corner of the room where it had been placed as if the moon were shining there.

There were elegantly formed vases, adorned with artistic figures, embossed and incised, and glowing with delicate colors which shimmered in tiny waves with the slig


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After the huge gold deposits were found in Antarctica and gold became common, the world's financial markets went into a tailspin and every currency lost its value.
A group of heroic bankers meet to save the world, and they are approached by a Dr. Syx, who has an evil sneer and a source of a new metal to replace gold which only he can produce. All the metal comes out of his mine and mill in the Rockies.
Two heroic engineers try to uncover the secret of the new metal. Etc.
I found the story profoundly unrealistic and a bit boring, but other people seem to like it.
Although it isn't actually mentioned, the people in the book, all men, must reproduce by asexual fission, with a man splitting to form two twin adult men, because there are no women or children in the story.
Plot bullets

Gold becomes just a common metal after great deposits are found.
A new metal Artemisiumis becomes the answer to the worlds financial woes.
But, only one man controls the production of that new metal.
Another man sets out to find the source of this new metal.
The foundry where is is made seems to be a fraud and the skies above it mysterious.

Not bad for 1900. His characters are black or white, no grey, and some of their exploits are a bit over the top, but if you can read Wells, Serviss will be no problem. I'll admit to being prejudiced by reviews of his nonfiction books, which I haven't read, but it's not a waste of time.
Interesting concept for 1900. The ending started to get vague with the final few lines going over my head entirely. Was he from the moon or had he engraved his image on the moon or what? Worth reading.