Gentle Julia

Gentle Julia
A Story of Irrepressible Youth


(3 Reviews)
Gentle Julia by Booth Tarkington







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Gentle Julia
A Story of Irrepressible Youth


(3 Reviews)
Julia is twenty, "the prettiest girl in town," and too kind and gentle to turn anyone down. Each of her lovers lives in the fool's paradise of his own rose-colored imaginaton. A gay and joyous book.

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"I don't care what language they're in," the stubborn Florence insisted. "It's what you do, just the same: cluckling and chuttering!"

Herbert's manners went to pieces. "Oh, dry up!" he bellowed.

"That's a nice way to talk! So gentlemanly----"

"Well, you try be a lady, then!"

"'Try!'" Florence echoed. "Well, after that, I'll just politely thank you to dry up, yourself, Mister Herbert Atwater!"

At this Herbert became moody. "Oh, pfuff!" he said; and for some moments walked in silence. Then he asked: "Where you goin', Florence?"

The damsel paused at a gate opening upon a broad lawn evenly divided by a brick walk that led to the white-painted wooden veranda of an ample and honest old brick house. "Righ' there to grandpa's, since you haf to know!" she said. "And thank you for your delightful comp'ny which I never asked for, if you care to hear the truth for once in your life!"

Herbert meditated. "Well, I got nothin' else to do, as I know of,

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(1918) Humor / Romance
Plot bullets

This is not a play, but let's get the characters down first.

o Noble Dill is in love with Julia, but is shy, clumsy and poor at expressing himself.

o Miss Julia Atwater is the prettiest girl in town and is loved and admired by many men in the town.
She has a favorite but is so considerate of each man, that she tries not to show any as a favorite. She is gentle with everyone, including her bows.

o Kitty Silver the maid.

o Florence Atwater is Julia's thirteen year old niece. She is a Tom Boy and in cahoots with Herbert and Henry, and make life very complicated for Julia, Noble and the town.

o Herbert Atwater is Florence's cousin.

o Henry Rooter is Herbert's best friend.
Together Herbert and Henry get into much mischief and enjoy making Florence's life miserable.

o Julia's father who doesn't like a lot of things, including animals and oh yes, Noble.

o A host of relatives and friends.

Herbert and Henry have publishing ambitions. After receiving a printing press
as a gift, Herbert and Henry become the proud owners of:


Atwater & Rooter Owners & Propreitors

SUBSCRIBE NOW 25 Cents Per Year

(Reviewer's note: For those of you who are interested in a subscription, that information is provided)

Subscriptions shloud be brought to the East etrance of Atwater & Rooter Newspaper Building every afternoon 4.30 to 6. 25 cents.

(Reviewers note: Which is the old carriage house hay loft.)

The combo of Florence, Kitty and Herbert provide some very humorous antics.

The combo of Florence, Herbert and Henry is humorous and devastating to loved ones and the public in general.

With love affairs in bloom and publishing careers in jeopardy and each
well meaning endeavor destined for failure, sit back and enjoy the chaos.

The great child delineator Booth Tarkington has provided plenty of funny material in this story--- and most of it comes, naturally, from the things that the children in this novel do. In my opinion few other writers describe adolescent behaviour so humorously as Tarkington does; 'Seventeen' is a prime example. In this book the best part is when Florence, in an attempt to spare Noble Dill's feelings, breaks the news of Julia's engagement through her cousin's newspaper, which she is able to take over and edit using a well-planned, judiciously implemented threat of blackmail.
Gentle Julia is one of the nicest books of my young girlhood. Young Florence is a liberated female many decades before it was common.

A delightful story. If you liked the Penrod book, this will delight. If you have a preteen daughter, this is a must read.
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