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Helena by Mrs. Ward Humphry





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An after-the-war romance. The heroine is an impetuous girl, beautiful as Romney's Lady Hamilton, whose natural willfulness has been developed by the excitement of war time. Through the death of her mother she is placed under the guardianship of Lord Buntingford, handsome, reserved, charming, but twice her age. There is a sharp clash of wills between the headstrong product of an unsettled age and her mature guardian, but all ends well. The action of the story takes place in the present year, and the book gives a true picture of life in England today.

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hose manners of the grand seigneur she had vaguely expected, he was moving away, when she said hurriedly, pursuing her own thought:

"You said Miss Pitstone was very good-looking?"

"Oh, very!" He laughed. "She's exactly like Romney's Lady Hamilton. You know the type?"

"Ye-es," said Mrs. Friend. "I think I remember--before the war--at Agnew's? My husband took me there once." The tone was hesitating. The little lady was clearly not learned in English art. But Lord Buntingford liked her the better for not pretending.

"Of course. There's always an Emma, when Old Masters are on show. Romney painted her forty or fifty times. We've got one ourselves--a sketch my grandfather bought. If you'll come into the hall I'll show it you."

She followed obediently and, in a rather dark corner of the hall, Lord Buntingford pointed out an unfinished sketch of Lady Hamilton--one of the many Bacchante variants--the brown head bent a little under the ivy leaves in the hair, the glorious lau

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I like this book very much it kept my interest to the end. It was written right after world war one, and this book shows the difference between the old Edwardian way of things, and the new era that it coming with a younger generation that have a different way of viewing things.
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