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Jerusha Abbott was brought up at the John Grier Home, an old-fashioned orphanage where the children were wholly dependent on charity. At the age of 18, her education finished, she is at loose ends, and has begun to work in the dormitories of the orphanage when the asylum's trustees make their monthly visit. An unidentified trustee has spoken to Jerusha's former teachers, has heard she is an excellent writer, and has offered to pay for college tuition and a generous monthly allowance on the condition that she writes him a monthly letter -- but she will never know his identity, and he will never reply.

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e matron.

`This gentleman has taken an interest in several of our boys. You remember Charles Benton and Henry Freize? They were both sent through college by Mr.--er--this Trustee, and both have repaid with hard work and success the money that was so generously expended. Other payment the gentleman does not wish. Heretofore his philanthropies have been directed solely towards the boys; I have never been able to interest him in the slightest degree in any of the girls in the institution, no matter how deserving. He does not, I may tell you, care for girls.'

`No, ma'am,' Jerusha murmured, since some reply seemed to be expected at this point.

`To-day at the regular meeting, the question of your future was brought up.'

Mrs. Lippett allowed a moment of silence to fall, then resumed in a slow, placid manner extremely trying to her hearer's suddenly tightened nerves.

`Usually, as you know, the children are not kept after they are sixteen, but an exception was made in your case. You


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I Read this book Daddy long leg when i was only 9 years old today i am 47 and still i see that man in my mind , it never gone from my mind i just love it . And still remember. I wish to find it to give to my daughter to resd.
I found this book in our church's library when I was 9 years old and I fell in love with it at first read. The idea of a "daddy long legs" growing up was very powerful to me -- especially as someone with 6 brothers and sisters!

I reread this book several times finally checking it out for the last time when I was about 11. Fast forward 30 years and my 10 year checked out this book from the same church library -- and was the next person to check it out since me!

She loves the book as much as I do -- romantic, delightful, empowering.

Give it a read, it is wonderful!
In this lively, epistolary novel, 16-year-old Jerusha "Judy" Abbott, on the verge of being sent out into the world alone from the unpleasant orphanage in which she's been reared, unexpectedly earns the attention of one of the home's trustees who offers to send her to college. She details her adventures in a series of charming and unaffected letters to her carefully anonymous benefactor, whom she nicknames "Daddy-Long-Legs." The ending becomes obvious to the reader long before Judy gets there, but she's so much fun to follow that it doesn't matter.

This novel indeed has long legs -- Webster turned it into a stage play that ran on Broadway in 1914. Mary Pickford starred in a silent movie version in 1919, and the Shirley Temple film "Curly Top" was rooted in that film. A British stage musical called "Love from Judy" opened in 1952 and ran for two years, and Fred Astaire starred in a 1955 Hollywood musical version. A new chamber musical by John Caird based on "Daddy Long Legs" premiered in January 2010 in California and has been appearing at other theaters around the country.
i read this book when i was 17. even after 15 years it is equally refreshing and entertaining. a must read for every romantic heart,
Meant for young girls. Some will find it predictable, disappointingly minimal, or forgettable; possibly all those three. So-so, at best.