Coming Home

Coming Home


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Coming Home by Edith Wharton







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Coming Home


(1 Review)

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quiver. At such times it was no use reminding him that the Germans had had at least three hundred thousand men in the East in August. He simply didn't listen....


The day before we started for Réchamp his spirits flew up again, and that night he became confidential. "You've been such a friend to me that there are certain things--seeing what's ahead of us--that I should like to explain"; and, noticing my surprise, he went on: "I mean about my people. The state of mind in my milieu must be so remote from anything you're used to in your happy country.... But perhaps I can make you understand...."

I saw that what he wanted was to talk to me of the girl he was engaged to. Mlle. Malo, left an orphan at ten, had been the ward of a neighbour of the Réchamps', a chap with an old name and a starred château, who had lost almost everything else at baccarat before he was forty, and had repented, had the gout and studied agriculture for the rest of his life. The gir

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A story of what people will do to survive, and of revenge. Set in WWI, an ambulance driver is bringing a wounded French soldier home, which has recently been liberated from the Germans. They're not ready for what they find in the ruined countryside.

Things are only hinted at (it was 1916), but the descriptions are clean, and the characters are sharp and convincing.
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