The Guests of Hercules

The Guests of Hercules


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The Guests of Hercules by Charles Norris Williamson, Alice Muriel Williamson







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The Guests of Hercules


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Monte Carlo furnishes a background for this tale whose heroine's first memorable experience outside of the walls of a convent is one of breaking the bank at the casino. Her phenomenal beginner's luck at roulette makes a conspicuous figure of her among the guests at the Hôtel de Paris where she is unattended and unchaperoned. Her experiences, romantic and otherwise, afford the authors material out of which they have constructed a story less tame in point of adventure than their "Golden Silence" but full of vivacity and color.

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vaguely that a cousin of Mary's dead father had left the novice money, and that it had been unexpected, as the lady was not a Roman Catholic, and had relations just as near, of her own religion. But Peter did not quite know when the news had come, or what had happened then.

"It was the very next day. That was odd, wasn't it? Though I don't know, exactly, why it should have seemed odd. It had to happen on some day. Why not that one? I was glad I should have a good dowry--quite proud to be of some use to the convent. I didn't think what I might have done for myself, if I'd been in the world--not then. But afterward, thoughts crept into my head. I used to push them out again as fast as they crawled in, and I told myself what a good thing I had a safe refuge, remembering my father, what he wrote about himself, and my mother."

For a moment she was silent. There was no need to explain, for Peter knew all about the terrible letter that had come from India with the news of Major Grant's death. It had a

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