My Man Jeeves

My Man Jeeves


(8 Reviews)
My Man Jeeves by Pelham Grenville Wodehouse









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My Man Jeeves


(8 Reviews)
Of the eight stories in this collection, half feature the popular characters Jeeves and Bertie Wooster, while the others concern Reggie Pepper, an early prototype for Wooster.

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the actual composition of the volume for a small fee. It is only necessary that the young lady's name should appear on the title page."

"That's true," said Corky. "Sam Patterson would do it for a hundred dollars. He writes a novelette, three short stories, and ten thousand words of a serial for one of the all-fiction magazines under different names every month. A little thing like this would be nothing to him. I'll get after him right away."


"Will that be all, sir?" said Jeeves. "Very good, sir. Thank you, sir."

I always used to think that publishers had to be devilish intelligent fellows, loaded down with the grey matter; but I've got their number now. All a publisher has to do is to write cheques at intervals, while a lot of deserving and industrious chappies rally round and do the real work. I know, because I've been one myself. I simply sat tight in the old apartment with a fountain-pen, and in due season a topping, shiny book came along.

I happened to be down at Corky's place when


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Despite the popularity, The Jeeves stories are not my favorite of Wodehouse and I love his romantic novels so much more. Jeeves and Brewster are entertaining, but I found a little monotonous if you read too many of the sort stories back to back.
Amazing book... i was actually laughing alone reading this book on my phone in a train...
Loved the 'politically correct' quotes by Jeeves...
I found these stories somewhat repetitive, although they are amusing and strangely compelling. Well, the stories that involve Jeeves and Wooster (of which there are 3 in this collection) are compelling anyway. I wasn't so keen on the other stories that weren't about Jeeves and Wooster. The stories are light, formulaic (after the first story you know basically what's going to happen and what it involves), but highly readable. The narrator (Bertie Wooster) is as daft as a post, and Jeeves's "intelligence", which is simply the common sense of the common man, deliberately contrasts the lame-brained Bertie. Funny in that respect, and entertaining. I couldn’t help hearing Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie talking these scenes in my head as I read the stories though. Highly recommended. Or in the words of Bertie, "a rummy collection, what!"
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Completely daft and disposible short stories which somehow manage to become literature. The effortless prose and outlandish characters make these perfect reading for times when you want something light.
To anyone who can read this without laughing, I say go visit a psychiatrist. Wodehouse at his absolute best....
I laughed out loud many times reading this book just like I do whenever I read PG Wodehouse! The characters, the's all brilliant. A hugely undervalued writer in my opinion and this is a great book to start on if you've never read any of his other ones. You will fall in love with these characters!
I would like to endorse Chips review - well written and my sentiments exactly. Since I have trouble putting a Wodehouse book down the fact that this is a collection of short stories is a real bonus. I think I've read all Wodehouse' writings (some more than once) and I can't help but wish he had been even more prolific.
There might be an author of English who is funnier than PG Wodehouse, but I've never seen her or him. This is the man. And the funniest books of this funniest of authors are the Bertie and Jeeves ones.

The story is nothing in particular, and Wodehouse was a master at weaving a plot out of gossamer and fairy kisses (i.e., NOTHING).

But between the brilliant dialogue, the utter absurdity, the names, the quirks, the very smell of that special Wodehouse ink on the page, you will be amused.
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